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Book no.1

Tunnel of Terror (2023)


Face off against the horrors lurking below the city in this latest action-packed installment of the choose-your-own-path series. Depending on the choices you make, you may end up battling a brood of blood-thirsty vampires, dodging a pack of mutant rats, or maybe even foiling an evil plot by the mayor.


You are listening to music while meandering the downtown streets of your hometown when — YEARGH! — you fall down an open maintenance hole.


Luckily, you don’t hurt yourself upon landing at the bottom of a creepy tunnel. That’s because you’ve fallen on a DEAD BODY. A dead body of a municipal worker that has scratch marks AND bite wounds on his neck. You call up for help, but nobody can hear you, and the ladder appears to have been ripped right off the stone wall — like somebody or something was trying to prevent anyone from getting back out.


You’ve got 30 minutes to find your way back above ground . . . or die trying!

"It is important to note here that the reviewer did a second class reading of a choose your own ending by another author whose series rhymes with Loosebumps and there was no comparison! Jeff Szpirglas destroyed the competition. The material was relevant and connected more to the kids." - CM Magazine

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