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Fear This Book! (2006)



From the author of They Did What?! and Gross Universe comes a wide-ranging look at the subject of fear. Ghosts, vampires, snakes, nightmares and thrill rides: who knew that fear could be so much fun?

Jeff Szpirglas uses his trademark wacky humour and childlike curiosity to present meticulously researched fear facts from around the world and through time, rounded out with sophisticated cartoon-style art. The What's Scarier? strip compares parallels like a mummy curse versus the inside of mummy's purse. Hilarious dialogues between Bloodthirsty Vampire and Terrifying Monster cover everything from the number 13 to zombies and papercuts. Bonus features include a patch of 100% PURE DARK to help readers overcome their fear of the dark, a Fairy Tale Survival Guide, a horror film manual and quizzes.

Ages 8-12.


“Szpirglas is in tune with what fascinates kids and knows how to write in language that will grab them and keep their interest. Perez’s vibrant, cartoonish illustrations are perfect as well, with enough vampires, ghosts and Frankenstein images to make this a Halloween hit.” – San Francisco Chronicle

Awards and Honours

2009 British Columbia Library Association, Red Cedar Book Award, Finalist

2008 Ontario Library Association, Silver Birch Award, Honour Book

2008 Atlantic Library Association, Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award, Finalist

2007 Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Our Choice Selection

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