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Book no.1

Horror House (2022)


This spooky installment of the choose-your-own-path series features serious survival scenarios, horror style! Readers determine their own fate as they dodge obstacles like ravenous zombies, shapeshifting monsters, haunted clocks and deadly booby traps!


The door slams behind you, and you realize that you and your cousin are trapped in Smithson House, that old, derelict mansion at the edge of town. This house is possessed by all manner of ghosts and ghouls ― and at the stroke of midnight, the supernatural powers in this building will use you to BREAK OUT. Unless, of course, you manage to escape by reversing the curse that holds all of you here.


You’ve got 30 minutes to stop the ghosts and save your cousin . . . or die trying!


“There is a lot of fun in reading this story and discovering the variety of endings and plot twists. The writing is good and keeps the plots interesting. The story's conclusions are satisfying whether the reader is attempting to survive, or not.” – CM Magazine

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