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Book no.1

Just A Minute: A Crazy Adventure In Time (2009) (OUT OF PRINT)


In just a minute...your heart will beat 60 to 100 times, your kitchen faucet will send two to four gallons of water down the drain, a cheetah racing after its food will run the length of four to five football fields... What else can happen in just a minute? Readers will have to follow David (who is almost five million minutes old) through his zany day — which involves escaped animals, a crashed movie set, and backyard hijinks — to find out. As readers come along for the ride, they learn a myriad of facts — featured as fast facts on the pages — related to what can happen in a minute in the world all around them. A special section at the back of the book presents a brief history of time devices, from sundials to water clocks and candle clocks, all the way through to atomic clocks. Howlingly funny, surprising, and fascinating, this is a tour through time that readers won’t want to miss.


“The key here lies in relating time to everyday events, and Just A Minute is packed with examples that young readers will understand and enjoy.” – Quill Quire


“…clear explanations, funny facts and a great appeal for all readers. Finally, there is a timeline that traces the evolution of timepieces throughout history. Read this book, and then read it again...and share it with your friends!: - Sal’s Fiction Addiction

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