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Imagine walking home from school one day and seeing a brain on the side of the road, a brain that, it turns out, is looking for a new home. Or instead of paying attention to the teacher, you shoot a paper airplane across the room and accidentally rip a hole in the fabric of the universe. And what would you do if you discovered that your class reading group was actually recruiting kids with telekinetic powers? Tales from Beyond the Brain is a collection of thirteen spooky stories that are as outrageous as they are terrifying. It's a throwback to the weird tales of yesteryear, in the vein of Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone, but with contemporary characters and settings. Getting an education has never been more dangerous.

Q&A with Orca


“Fans of Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark looking for a modern spin will find exactly what they want in this offering… A good choice for middle-grade readers looking for something smart and scary.”- Kirkus Reviews


“Written in a snappy, declarative style… each tale quickly builds suspense before closing with a zing.” - Publishers Weekly


“[The] short stories in Tales from Beyond the Brain have enough twists, freaky turns and bizarre endings to keep young readers engaged and wanting more.” - CM Magazine

Awards and Honours

Short-listed, Diamond Willow (Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Award), 2020

Tales From Beyond The Brain (2019)

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